Hey, who's gonna watch the new Amy Poehler comedy on tv?

Yeah, me neither


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Who watches TV?

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I always wait for the DVD.


I couldn't wait to start watching cable tv.

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Turns out, I spend zero hours a week watching tv.  I guess it's hard to get back into the habit.  I've been meaning to cancel the cable, but I keep thinking there must be something worth watching.

Time to ask mah fellow Crankizens: What DO you watch?

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My answers:

Sarah Connor Chronicles
Burn Notice

 Sarah Connor and Life are both on the chopping block, and may have already aired what will be their last episodes.  Monk will have one more season as will 24.

House Kings - Fantastic

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Kings - Fantastic Alternate Reality setting, and Ian McShane is great. Modern retelling of the biblical story of King Saul and David.
Grey's Anatomy - A guilty pleasure for both me and my wife.
30 Rock
The Office

But most of these we just watch online the day after they aired...

Real Time with Bill Maher,

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Curb Your Enthusiasm (which should be coming back any day now)



And that's it!



The Big Bang Theory

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That's my favorite right now

The Daily Show...

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...seems to be the only thing I can stand to watch.  Every now and then MSNBC keeps me amused.  As for actual TV shows?

ummmm, I watch house in small doses so it doesn't get old.  If I watched it religiously it definitely would.

I don't know of any TV shows I really like.

I've pretty much given up on episodic primetime TV.

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I watch a few cartoons (Adult Swim & Boomerang stuff, mostly, some anime, "Brave and the Bold", "Clone Wars"), "reality" forensic investigation shows (plus "Bones"), repeats of Iron Chef, news channels, "documentary" and "arts" TV and try out new sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows for an episode or two, but they all suck in the end.




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


I watch TV twice a week.

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NBC's Thursday night lineup (if I'm not at the jazz club that night, which I am at least twice a month) & Fox's Sunday night lineup. Don't have the stomach to watch anything else since Gilmore Girls came off the air. Beyond that, I only watch movies. & porn.

...what...what were talking about again?

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