Heya kids. What's new?

How's it hanging, bitches? SHAPOOPIE! 


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You're never going to believe this

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We elected a Black guy president. 

Around these parts, they're still in shock.

Why don't you join us more often?

Rajah's picture

Or are you too kool for school now?

I moved

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and didn't get Internet access for a while. Plus I've been... busy.  Life has been insane lately.  In a good way, though.

Know the feeling...

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...I've gone back to the bus company for the winter, so on and so forth it's the same old same old.

I'd tell stories but it's just the same old people can't get along and be understanding of one another.  It teaches you to be understanding of the person near you when you find yourself in that situation.  People aren't intentionaly trying to bother you when they do something annoying.

Sir Thomas Mallory walks into a bar. . .

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And says: "Can you put me up for the knight?"

The bartender says: "This is not really that kind of bar. Try the leather place down the street."

Best regards, Wally

Being insane is no excuse

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Especially here

We elected a Black guy

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We elected a Black guy president.

Around these parts, they're still in shock.


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