Hmm...I see Hamartoma's got a handle.

I wonder if all of his posts are being kicked off (snicker). After seeing what he and his alter-ego have done to the original Cranky site, I'm quite happy with this new site.


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Heh Heh.

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And he *Claimed* that he wasn't planning to come over to this site at all to be with us "awful liberals" :)

Gee- I guess the conversations will be civilized.

Just the kind crap I would expect from a liberal Australian

Coaster's picture

This site will be a pleasant break from the Ham Spam. In case our little foaming-at-the-mouth whack job does migrate here, I think I'll change my avatar to an 8-lb. sledge.

Too subtle?

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


There would appear to be a lot

RidingFool's picture

of Aussies over in the old MrC's spot.

How does one go about getting their posts kicked off?

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Seriously, are Darth's poop-infested posts in danger? What kind of censorship are we talking here?

Life has really been getting in the way of my down-time lately, so I haven't had but 5 or 10 minutes to look the new place over. It's so... so... so different!

Very impressive, though - excellent work, Jazz. Thank you.

Life getting in the way of your downtime, Terri?

Coaster's picture

Great. I can just what's going to happen now when you have your baby. You'll be all "I don't have time to post anymore because I have to take care of my baaaaay-beeeeee" and that sort of rot. Hey! Get your priorities straight. Make some time for yourself. Don't be raising no kid and neglecting Cranky's! For an hour or so each and every day, tell your husband, "It's your turn to breast feed the kid (and to do it in public)" 'Cause if you ignore Cranky's, you'll regret it. Maybe not now, but soon and for the rest of your life.

That's what I did with my two kids, the boy kid and the girl kid (what the hell were their names again?) and things seemed to have worked out just fine.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


The place wouldn't be the same without Terri and Darth!

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Specking of which, where the heck is that poop fetish fiend?

Yes..Where IS That Handsome Devil?

Rageoholic's picture

i be confounded

Now if only MUCUS would show up!

Rajah's picture

We all know how obsessed Terri is with him

Yeah, I know they bicker alot but I can tell what's going on there.

He's the personification of congestion! I can see the attraction there.

Terri is into boogers btw

Darth should come on over.

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He and Terribelle made me laugh all the time on the old site. It provided a nice change of pace from the "Battling Dinosaurs" left in Jurrassic Park after everyone had gone.

Aww, you guys is nice

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Except for Coaster, as usual.  Apparently he can't sympathize with the fact that I'm VERY BUSY making tiny headstones for the dead ladybugs in my porch, AND organizing my cereal boxes.  Dude, this shit takes TIME!

I am kinda worried about Darth, though.   Betcha ten bucks his girl busted him for exchanging naked pictures with that chick he was telling us about, and so she slit his throat then crapped a 3-coiler on his face for old times sake.

Any thoughts on whether or not her pile of shit was *steaming*?

If I Told You That I REALLY Like Poop...

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would you still recognize me?

So...thats ONE...wheres my cherry?





Still Havent Figured It Out?

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i am ever so coy.

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