Horrible bosses *** SPOILER ALERT ***

are the norm these days.

The economy has been in the tank for years, rich people and corporations are paying far too much tax in order to keep afloat all of the bloodsuckers with no visible means of support, the old bastards are suckling at the teat of Medicaid to keep breathing on a ventilator, and the Fed has nothing left but fast talk and hot air. When people are trying to out-beg each other for nickles and dimes to spend on lottery tickets, who the hell wouldn't want to take an opportunity to harass some shithead with hairless balls? Nothing will happen to the harassor, that's for sure, other than he'll have a fresh, new set of hairless balls to harass tomorrow.

That some dipshit from It's Always Sunny in Philly has no balls at all becomes evident when he doesn't bend the bitch across the x-ray counter to avoid getting covered in Jennifer Anniston's eye makeup. Jesus Christ, all he had to do was dim the lights, rinse and spit to wash off the paint and he could have pretended it was Celine Dion. But no, instead he'd rather kill the bitch.

Have Americans become so accustomed to the welfare paycheck that they don't even want to do Jennifer Anniston to collect a living wage?



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