How Lady Gaga made herself more attractive to Coaster

If I were a cop I would have arrested her.

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Then I'd have taken her downtown for a good grilling.

All that meat

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and no potatoes. What a shame.

Wow! I'm impressed!

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I really am, oh right...

Hey folks miss me?

Now that I've dispensed with the greetings, back to Gaga.  Generally her music is on par with the category of acid house, which doesn't sound that bad, but I was listening to stuff like that in the 90's, and the category itself came out in the 80's, so why did it take 20 years for mainstream music fans to notice a type of music that's been around for 20 years?  Who cares.

As for the meat, I'm impressed, she can come to my next barbeque as long as we get to cook the meat later on.  I'll throw her in a pair of warm-ups.

PETA, I don't really care for a group that seeks to put animals above people, and wants animals to have no interaction with humans whatsoever.  The animals are here on eartyh, and so are people, we share the same space, get it?

Vagetarians beware.

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I'm left wondering if there's a reason for that back door.

Lady Gag-a


Did somebody say skirt steak!

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Looks more like flank

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to me.

Or pork butt.

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