How to make a label utterly pointless

Skinhead, I mean Sinead, O'Connor popped up on a Yahoo headline as 'Star explains 16 day marriage'.

First and foremost, she isn't a 'star', and hasn't been for the better part of two decades.  She was barely relevant when she was being Irelands Lady Gaga.  Now she's a 'star' because she took a was o' the green from that reality skankhole to make one marriage look downright lengthy.  Then her reasoning as to why was barely coherant and totally irrelevant.

The word star has been invalidated, the word marriage is nigh meaningless, the word explains is erronious, and I think 16 and day are suspect by association.


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Maybe she'll give the Nazi Pope a golden shower

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 Then she will be back on top

Really gross with the tatooes

Can't believe that was her fourth marriage

Call it

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