Huckabee and Stewart on Gay Marriage

Why is the state

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so hard-on horny to be in the bedrooms of its citizens? Riddle me that.

The government should get

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The government should get out of the business of marriage altogether, and go back to simply enforcing private contracts and not defining them.

Like many problems we have, this current argument is caused by government intervention in the marketplace.  In this case, marriage, by deciding what the word legally meant and who could do it.  And as usual, it limits choice. 

If not for this intervention, gays could easily have found a private institution to "marry" them, as there is clearly a demand for it, and/or institute a private contract between themselves that gave power of attorney over one another, along with visiting rights, inheritence rights, etc.

But government involvement limits this of course.  It was meant as a matter of convenience and service, or course, as most government action is, but had unintended consequences. Before it was simply something controlled and administered by the churches.

Even many Christians now believe their rights derive from the state, and one of them is this "right" of marriage.  Even while they seek government action to prevent others from having this form of private contract, they seek to enslave themselves more and more to the state.  How skewed, and shows how far we've falled from the Declaration of Independence, not to mention the idea of Christ as King over the nations of the earth.

Sorry, but if the State outlawed marriage, or didn't recognize it anymore, does that mean it doesn't exist?  I'm sure the State would love for us to think that.  Maybe that's what needs to happen to wake everybody up.

It also needs to stay far away from the business of defining words by government action.  That's another dangerous slope.

Since nothing else seemed to matter

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perhaps the 'right' of marriage = an exit strategy?  How many priests work with Blackwater?

I'm not sure how the founding fathers would have handled this...

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issue, they had enough trouble with slavery. But the separation of church and state is there for a reason. This falls under the clause "the pursuit of happiness". Either we are heading toward open mindedness or we're going backwards.


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What would Jefferson do?

Move on up to the eastside

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To a deluxe apartment in the sky


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gamerarocks wrote:

What would Jefferson do?

Bang an underage black chick?





~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


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