The Hunt for Red October

Rewatched this last night in honor of my recent trip to MOCKBA (that's Moscow for you non-Cyrillic-reading folks).  Still a taut Cold War thriller 19 years after its original release.  Sean Connery has his usual commanding presence as the world's only Russian sub commander with a Scottish accent, and he is ably assisted by Sam Neill as his #1.  Alec Baldwin, as the first of three actors to portray the character of CIA analyst Jack Ryan, embeds the character with more personality than Harrison Ford did in either of his two turns.  Quite a good supporting cast as well: Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones, Stellan Skarsgaard, Courtney B. Vance, Tim Curry, former presidential candidate Fred Dalton Thompson and pre-kiddy porn Jeffrey Jones.  Great technical work in the film as well - the sound mixing is good, and there is some nice cinematography consisting of slow pans, extreme close ups, and long shots, instead of the usual ADHD nausea that permeates most modern action films.  Fans of the book: the movie stays relatively true to the book, except for the ending.  A few interesting subplots were cut, mostly for time, and the film doesn't suffer for it.  I give it a B+.



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