I am off to see Lakeview Terrace this afternoon

because I want to see a black man get his just desserts, but I don't want to wait until November 4.

Edited for, Oh shit! I put a political comment in the movie section. Damn me to hell in that handbasket, will you?


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Is that a retirement home?

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"Get these motherfucking snakes out of my neighborhood!"

Well, truth be told, I didn't go. Maybe today.

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Or not. *** possible SPOILERS ***





I'll be there later today, but let me see if I can summarize, especially after seeing the preview that preceeded Apaloosa a couple of weeks ago:

Mixed-race married couple moves in to a nice neighborhood, with a nice police man.

Nice police man is a closet rascist pig just waiting to become unhinged when a nice mixed-race married couple move in next door.

Nice police man next door ingratiates himself to nice mixed-race married couple.

Nice police man next door begins showing signs of increasing discontent to nice mixed-race married couple.

Nice mixed-race married couple's husband doesn't believe what's going on, since he's a complete pussy.

Nice mixed-race married couple's wife is no pussy, since she's married to one, consequently she attemts to kick some phony nice policeman's ass.

Nice mixed-race married couple are seen to take a shit-kicking in multiple scenes.

Nice mixed-race couple get no help from local police department, since there is no evidence to support their claims.

Nice mixed-race married couple finally take matters into their own hands and solve the problem.

Happy ending because she's pregnant.

Or some such shit.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, I'm really looking forward to seeing an ass-kicking - kinda like the one I'm going to see on November 4.

Ever notice that trailers today tell you the whole story?

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Which can be nice because it means I don't have to see the movie!


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Well, don't bother paying for that bomb.

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I'm not disappointed, though. It matched all of my predictions.

Yeah, there are different types of trailers...

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...those that give away the plot

--Those that give away the plot and almost provide an ending.

--Those that provide only a theme as to what the film is about.

--Those that show a bizzare scene, not necessarily from the film, and then provide the name of the film immediately after.

--Those that show exit interviews following the trailer. (usually after film is released)

--Those that show RF watching a girl do dishes.

--Those that show nightvisiongoggle shots of folks cracking up laughing during the movie. (yes, it's been proven, this movie is funny.)


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