I can't believe someone would object to what Bill Clinton did

Isn't that Hilary's job?

Missy-Busty's picture

Going to suck the Dictator's cock & eat cocker spaniel stew at a state dinner?

No, they did away with those niceties after...

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Rove became confused, ate a pile of Cheney's ass and sucked a guy named Stew, during a dinner with the Spanish president. Very embarassing.

It's much better that Billy Bob went

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Sending the Secretary of State would have lent too much legitimacy to the dictator of North Korea.  As usual you right wing dullards have it backwards.

{;-) Dan (no Bill Clinton fan) in Miami

PS:  Is your icon some kind of gay porn?  This site probably frowns on porn.  Unless it involves the recently deceased and dearly beloved Bea Arthur.

If it's flat

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chested, it's missy in the pic

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


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