I fucked Obama

It was a long time ago in Hawaii. He used to come over to my house after school to sell my mama coke & crack. After she passed out we would go to my room & I would go gobble gobble on him. He never had a problem getting it up. He said he liked big booty girls like me & he liked girls in burkas too. He even tried it with Arab boys when he studied in the madrasa & in the terror traing camps. God I miss those crazy days.


to be continued........


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Yeah, me too.

RidingFool's picture

Are you still hanging in all those old, familiar places?

Palin gave me crabs!

Rajah's picture

Those cooties grow big in Alaska!

Talk about the deadliest snatch!

That wasn't Obama, bitch.

Mal_Content's picture

That was your daddy.  Welcome back, ex-man.

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