I live in Toronto

 If there are any Crankizens in the area who'd like to meet up, I'm interested too.


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That's all right.

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Nobody here will hold it against you for being a Torontonian. Nobody knows where Toronto is anyway. Say, how did Toronto get its name? Did somebody spell Tonto wrong?

I wish you would have said something sooner. I was just there.

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Seven years ago.  I went to a Government Industry Data Exchange Program conference.  That was also known as Thee Most Boring Conference on Earth.  I stayed in a hotel about a 1/2 block north of the Chinese district. 

I'll be in the neighborhood, so to speak, this coming September.  I'm hoping some Crankylanders will meet me in Jackson, New Jersey September 19, 2009 to ride the worlds tallest fastest thrill ride (no joke) at Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey.  Just hop in your car and join us.  It's merely a short 8-hour drive from Toronto. 

RF, it's up there in The Great White North

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See, I know my geography!

Unfortunately, I can't drive

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I'm lucky Toronto has such good public transit despite low subsidies. (There's a streetcar line near my house! Actually it's buses just now because the line's being rebuilt.)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

That's okay, neither can Coaster

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har har har!

Byte Me, Rajah

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Because of my bad eyesight, I had trouble reading street signs while driving.  The fact that I could drive without difficulty except for reading street signs was a concept that clearly eluded a couple of Crankylanders,  most noticeable Little Big Girl.  All Rajah and I heard from her as I was driving around Sandusky was a non-stop chorus from her of "You're going to get us KILLED!"  

Years later, I told Rajah that I was going to buy a GPS for my road trip to the San Francisco Bay Area.  He recommended I try to find one with Little Big Girl's voice. 

I've since had my cataracts removed and now have nearly somewhat kind of normal vision.  I'll leave it up to others to judge whether my driving is less scary.  But hey, we go on these trips to ride thrill rides.  Just think of me as providing the opportunity to take an additional one. 

I'll ride with Coaster any time.

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Just so long as I don't get to see him in a speedo.

Here's a rare photo of a younger Coaster

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Speaking of Toronto....

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I'm in the back

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wearing the suspenders to keep my speedo up.

Another Torontonian?

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What are the odds?

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