I really don't know why you guys worry so much about Al Qaida..........

.....when you are suffering from the actions of a far more effective homegrown terrorist operation known as the Republican Party, who seem determined to bring down the fabric of your state.


The Democratic Party needs to publicize this fact far more than they presently are doing.  Admittedly they have to do this using a media corrupt in all its forms.


God, what a country.


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America takes great pride in providing...

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something for the rest of the world to point and laugh at. What would you guys be without us? Dull and boring is the answer!

I would more correctly call

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I would more correctly call the terrorist the Federal Government in general.  There are only a handle of politicians in Washington D.C I could have a cup of coffee with without feeling dirty afterward. 


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The Democrats would be well advised to spend less time attacking the Republicans and more time showing they'll do a better job of governing.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Yes, just like

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the Republicans, who spent all of their time vilifying the Clintons, and who spent no time on the welfare of the country.

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