I like to rub my head and see how much dandruff I can get to flake off onto the table...

...it helps if the table is black.  Then I collect it together in a tiny film canister.  I have about 63 of them stored away.  Pretty soon I'll have enough saved up to have another TMundo!  Just add water!

Winter Sucks.


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Oh what? You've never done that?

TMoonunit's picture

You guys are so arrogant. Admit it, you like playing with your dandruff? You wanna start a collection but you've never had the cohones.

Yeah me neither.

Better yet, add water, milk and butter and cook it up in a pan

Rajah's picture

We call them grits down here

I only do that...

nickumoh's picture

...when I have a picture or drawing of a forest nearby so when the dandruff falls, it looks like snow. Ala Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club.

On another note, I began to form less dandruff after I started working out (16 months ago) and ate better.

Snowed again in the Pacific Northwest. I'm getting sick of winter.

 ...what...what were talking about again?

Saw a product on tv called the Ped Egg

Rajah's picture

It's for getting rid of dead skin on the bottom of your feet.

I was thinking getting one and make porridge out of the by product.

Mmmmmm bet it tastes like feet!

I wonder if a pretty girl's feet makes tastier porridge

Hope I'm not grossing anybody out

Aren't you the one who's always complaining...

Coaster's picture

There's no women posting? This place is a sausage fest? We need new blood?

Weeeeeell QUIT SCARING THEM OFF!!!!!!!!

One time I kept burning my feet on the hot cement...

TMundo's picture

It wasn't until later that night or the next, that as I was in the shower, I began to wash my feet and skin began comming off real thick for som reason.  A little scratching would soon prove an entire layer (or layers it was quite thick) would come off the bottom of both of my feet.  It never happened again.


Something I've always wondered

FearlessFreep's picture

What gives freshly-clipped toenails their unique smell?


I dunno bout them, but earwax...

TMundo's picture

...is a musty dank oder that I kinda like for some reason, and then there's behind the ears too, that's not bad either, then there's one more place, but I'll quit while I still have some dignaty left.

Earwax tastes as good as it smells

Rajah's picture

And it's mighty good on toast

I remember when I was a wee lad me mammy making me an earwax and booger samwich

Them's good eatin!

You too, huh?

questionthemajority's picture

You too, huh?

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