I saw Iron Man 2

It opened here yesterday, color me dissapointed, its entertaining, but i felt they were trying too hard to be funny.

Of course the script is by the guy who wrote Tropic Thunder.

The action scenes are good, but the final battle felt anticlimatic too me, it ended too soon.

Too much shaky cam in some scenes, i don't remember that about the first one, tho i only saw it once.

Sam Rockwell is terrific, like he always is.


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i forgot

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There is an after credit scenes, that will make comic book fans cum.

Gwyneth is droolerific, no?

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Before deciding to see a movie I have to consider the General's needs too, otherwise he ruins my popcorn. I prefer the yellow stuff in my popcorn to be butter.

Rajah, maybe you will appreciate this...

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That's borrowed from DINER

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Mickey Rourke did it to win a bet.


she was ok

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Scarlett on the other hand was way hot.

Gwynerh gets punched in the face in Iron Man 2

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I will be so bold as to predict my review of Iron Man 2

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"Whoa!  I LOVED it!!!  It was everything I wanted and more!  I can't wait until Iron Man 3!" 

Same with Michael Cain's remake of Death Wish which opened in selected theaters this week but should be here in a week or two.  I'm going to simply love it. 

That's how I live my life.  Ya gotta have faith. 

So there.

Michael Caine was on The Daily Show

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He says it's not like Death Wish

Sorry Coast but I ain't see Iron Man 1 yet...

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...I'm sure it's a feelgood popcorn flick though.

Opening night

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Woohoo.  Six hundred 14 year olds 3 sets and parents with the accompanining 2 year olds to shout at the screen during dialouge.  Yep it was opening night for Iron Man 2 alright.  A full house that was treated to two or so hours of a fairly contrived plot that, knowing the writer from Tropic Thunder was involved with, I found to be an almost decent attempt at a story completely pointed towards a final fight scene.  All in all, not as good as the first, as was expected, but the last five minutes goes a decent way to bring this a step about average faire.  Don Cheedle as Rhodes didn't work for me 'til then.  The camera work is rougher and more of a hand held feel for action scenes (at least there wasn't some asshole screaming 'HUD' every three seconds I wanted to decapitate) plus the techie stuff that worked in the first wasn't as nearly as strong here.  Gwyneth came across to me as a prim prissy bitch more than Tony's right hand.  I do have to say Gary Shandling was a nice casting touch.  And yes Critico, the scene after the credits will leave comic fans in need of a change of shorts.  

p.s. - Dear hollywood.  Simply putting Scarlett Johansson (or any other actress for that matter) in tight clothes don't inherently make her hot.  She may be doing her own stunts, but with the camera work you'd never know it.

p.p.s - I saw Genndy Tartakovsky's name in the credits.  I hope it was for more than 'storyboard artist'. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


An additional thought

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(bet you didn't think I had those, or initial ones for that matter) 

looking back a couple days later, the best thing about Iron Man 2 was that Tony Stark was still Tony Stark.  He hadn't become the crusading changed individual, he was the the same guy with a new very fun toy he used for fun as much if not more than for 'justice'. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


You, good sir, are incorrect.

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gamerarocks wrote:

Simply putting Scarlett Johansson in tight clothes don't inherently make her hot.

I beg to differ. Putting Scarlett Johansson in tight clothes inherently makes her extremely hot.

Gonna have to agree

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to disagree.  Maybe if I thought Ms Johanssen was hot in the first place it would help, but the tight little black outfit didn't do anything for her in my eyes. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


Would she still be hot...

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...if you took away her tight clothes?

(Myeh heh.)



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Saw the bee-yotch in the Jordan's Furniture IMAX theatre just outsida Bahh-stin ("Why not pick up a dining room set on your way out?").  I was entertained, though questions did kinda pop up:

- Tony's suit was powered by the reactor driven into his chest - where was Ivan's reactor?

- How in hell did that limo NOT get smeared all over Monaco trying to get to Tony?

- Sooooo... when, exactly, did Rhodey get access to the Silver Suit and when did he train on it?

- Sure took Tony a while to get the heavy weapons attacks AWAY from all the people who were caught in his little vanity park, didn't it?

- I was confused - Samuel L. Jackson was in a movie and he didn't utter even one 'muthafucka'!?

- What, exactly, could the NYPD arrest Hammer for?

However, still, an amusing night out.  I agree that Shandling was a fine choice for Greasy Senator.  And I liked how Tony just casually took over the committee's video system .  Which, if anything, should have Shandling et al even MORE exercised at Stark.  And which, truth to tell, would make their concern even more justified.


Yeah, I'm going with that too. It's like

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Sarah Parker's mole. She needs to hack that thing off of her chin. Every time I see her I think of a witch in black.

As for Jennifer Connelly, she needs to trim her eyebrows way back. Speaking of trimming, did she have breast reduction surgery? Those ample melons don't appear to be so ample any more.

God it's good to be a perfect physical specimen like myself with absolutely no deformities whatsoever. It makes it so much simpler to be critical of Hollywood hos.

As for Scarlett, she can warm the cockles o' my pantleg any time she chooses. I'm right here, waiting feverishly...

Hands off Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows!!!!

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That's one of her best features!

Our dear Sarah Jessica Parker did play a witch in some Disney movie, I forget what it was called, it also starred Bett Midler

Loved Scarlett in The Nannie Diaries. She can change my diapers anytime!

Sorry your opinion on that post doesn't count unless you hit the

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That was the witch movie with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker.  Heard it sucked T. Rex wang.



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Critico (and others): I thought Iron Man 2 mostly sucked.

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The first half was decent but the second half dragged.  There were too many unnecessary subplots.  The whole Justice League thing, for one, took up too much time (even if it did lead to a big post-credits pay-off).  They didn't seem to know what to do with the character of Rhody - first he likes Tony, then he's pissed at him, then he is all-of-a-sudden an expert at flying with the suit on.  And I agree with Critico that the final battle between Vanko and Tony was too short. 



Iron Man 2 is the awesome

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Iron Man 2 is the awesome movie. It is the seven star rating movie which is more popular now-a-days. Great screen play with deadly issues. As well as new enemies due to his super hero as an Iron Man. The character of the Ivan Vanko is a combination of the Iron Man's enemy the Crimson Dynamo who wears armor that can control electricity. It the must watch movie.


If the man of iron can fly, why

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did he need to fall out of an airplane in the middle of the night in order that he might attend his gala? That opening sequence - gullible as I am - made the entire movie completely unbelieveable for me.

Mickey was Mickey.

Jo-ho was nothing other than window dressing, and not much of that either.

When will the iron man grow one and put it to his wrench, err, wench?

Thanks be to the gods that I paid no more than three whole Canadian drachmas for the privilege of viewing this monstrosity.

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