I see we're back to awaiting approvals

for posts with links.


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Let's see if I have to wait.....

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Hmmmmm. I guess the type of links may have something to do with it.

Or the fact that our asshole Chinese spamtard is back.

Now that thar

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is sum good-lookin' links.

You still on the road?

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Where have you been?   Where are you?  Where are you going? 

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I'm doing a little work on the ride.

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Rubber; handle bars; other stuff.

I just passed the 150k mark, so I figure it's time to do something to it, since I refuse to buy a new one with all of the electronics that will automatically go bad when I pass through Buttwad, North America.

I met a dozen Canadians on new(ish) Harleys this summer

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When I was up in the Pacific Northwest this summer, I met plenty of Canadians on new bikes.  They seemed to like them.  I met this one couple where the guy was riding a new Electraglide Classic and his wife was riding an 883 Sportster with similar paint.  They were with another couple, also on a Harley.  Every year, the four of them travel to Las Vegas and back, and they claim never to have gotten there and back along the same roads twice. 

Nice to meet some people with as shitty a sense of direction as I have, 'eh?

I love the electronics in my '06 Fat Boy.  It's the smoothest running bike I've ever had. The newer ones are much nicer, too.  I think having a GPS and a radio/CD/MP3 player built in would be nice, not to mention an electronic cruise control and anti-lock breaks.  The newer bikes also have about ten more cubic inches than what you're running and the transmission has an extra gear. Some of the special edition bikes have a 110 cu. in. engine.

Time to trade in your bike, you tightwad. 

Yeah, I can completely understand not wanting to part with your old iron.  So just keep it and buy a new one outright. 

I did an upgrade instead of buying new.

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I added a gps.

I'm happy with the tape deck and the six weather channels. Oh, there's AM and FM too in the event I might want to do a little campground serenading.

Uhh, what's a campground?

Those posts are gone for good

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The whole "approval" thing is a sham. I've never seen one of mine posted later. It's up to the fickled filter whether it lets it through are not.

GPS people are so annoying

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I get by on dead reckoning

I used dead reckoning quite a bit when I was flying.

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Now I like to know where I am.

No matter where you go

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There you are

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