I spent a week with Marilyn in 99 minutes.

Those doddering and drooling Academy members must have thought MM had been reincarnated, until she got up close and they finally realized that all the Tempurpedic memory-foam glued to all of the asses in all of Hollyweird couldn't spring forth into the real thing. An inflatable doll would have done a better job for them.

They must have found one, because thankfully the skinny chick didn't get an Oscar for this barking dog.


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They should have done instead a movie about how Jack and Bobbie

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 Killed her

Finally Rajah & I agree on

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Finally Rajah & I agree on something. The Girl Who Knew Too Much would make an excellent crime/thriller movie involving a cast of characters like The Kennedys, The Rat Pack, The Mafia, etc.

If the movie was any longer

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I would have killed her.

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