I thought this only happened in the movies


Behold the best tap-dancing you will ever experience outside a Gregory Hines flick.  She may as well be walking on hot coals.  Also, there's the best movie-esque gotcha moment I've ever heard in real life.  This chick is TOAST!

One also has to wonder how Pelosi fits into it all and whether anyone is on the level anymore?

On a related note, I heard a republican member of the TARP oversight committe (I wonder if they handed out blindfolds at the first meeting) bitching about Geithner's testimony re: TARP (about which there was much to bitch).  The funny part, though, was that he was looking for, and I quote, "AN EXIT STRATEGY" for TARP...as we can't become engaged in an INDEFINITE government oversight situation.  A republican said this.  Unreal.   Meet the new employee, same as the old employee.  Washington DC's sole mission in life, apparently, is the perpetuation of DC.

We'll see how far Obama gets with prosecuting the bastards...


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