I wanna be on Obama's Death Panel!

It'd be so kool me sitting there in my Grim Reaper get-up


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20 (or more) years ago

gamerarocks's picture

I was 'enjoying' a turkey leg at the medieval version of a food court at the renaissance fair.  Amongst the people gathered in the area was someone dressed as death with chest puffed out doing his best to look as intimidating as possible while parading around so that everyone knew he was there as he showed off his costume.  Into this scene walks a mother with her 4 year old son in tow.  Upon seeing said wannabe imposing figure, the boys face lit up and he leveled his finger while proclaiming in a loud clear voice "Mommy look!  It's Skeletor!"  As the gathered eaters erupted in laughter Mr Death lost his puff and slinked out of the food court.  

THAT'S what needs to happen to Cheney. 

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


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