I went to my dad's place, and he took me salmon fishing!

Something that went completely under the radar - as far as I can tell - was Casa de mi padre, starring the Ferret, err the Ferrel, and a couple of bad guys who looked Mexican to me, but I couldn't be sure. Someone named Genesis Rodriguez was in this thing too. She is h.a.w.t., but Breast Factor = 0. That doesn't matter though. I'm certain we'll see more of her eventually. What the hell, though - who names their daughter Genesis? I thought only wops used names like Primo and shit. Overacting, bad scenery, poor lighting, fake horses, lots of smoking and easy-to-read subtitling all made this dawg funny as hell.

On the other hand, the salmon fishing was terrible. Didn't anyone outside of some old broad who showed us her Breasts in The Patience of the English know this was supposed to be a comedy?


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