I wonder what a Palin Family Christmas Special would look like

Probably shooting and field dressing reindeer in front of the cameras.


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Well, we've already had a gander - pardon the pun -

RidingFool's picture

at what Thanksgiving was like, courtesy of MSNBC. I'm guessing partridges in pear trees and all that mavericky shit.

Caribou Barbie's Playhouse: Nailin' Paylin

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What a spread

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Moose stew, moose burgers, moose steak, moose jerky, moose venison, moose pie, and last but not least, moose tail.

(why does that cover make me think Hustler lowered itself?)

Sarah, Todd, Willow, Piper, Bristol, Levi, Trac, all the cousins

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Trap, Trick, Trot, Tad, Trunk, Tric, Trog, Trop, Tic-Tac & TuuTuu all sing carols & eat fresh killed moose meat. 

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