I'd love to comment on the Gran Torino review, but a forum hasn't been enabled

Was Carla's review so thorough that it is the be all and end all of movie criticism regarding Eastwood's latest? 

I just basically wanted to say that my wife, my 27-year-old son, and I found this movie to be very entertaining and think it is probably one of Eastwood's best.  It did move a little slow in parts, but I tend to have the attention span of a gnat on meth these days.  We though the criticism of the Hmong as being without acting talent was unfounded, and that Lee Vang's portrayal of Walt's little buddy Thao was reminiscent of Haley Joel Osment's character in Second Hand Lions.

Good review, though I'm not sure a master like Eastwood was being unintentionally funny.  We got quite a few laughs out of Walt Kowalski's interactions and opinions of the Hmong. 

The Coaster Clan gives this film six thumbs up. 

Great. Now it seems I've said everything here I have to say about that movie and when comments are enabled in the proper forum, I'll have nothing. NOTHING!  


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I'm not sure I agree, but what the hell do I know about movies.

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While this thing definitely brought a smile to my face, in particular where the old mother on the porch was concerned, I really thought old Squint outdid himself in the scoundrel category. I mean, really, he was a bad and overdone caricature of every factory-worker stereotype known to North America. I found his redneck tirades tiresome. The laughs I did have were at the expense of his ethnic slurs shared with the barber and the construction manager.

Yeah, I know there are people like that, but I don't need to watch it in a movie, especially when it's overdone to what effect I'll never know.

I liked the dog.

And  generally, I like Squint's movies.

If that was his swan song, he'd better die soon to make it a hit.

Not sure why they were

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Not sure why they were disabled.  Strange.

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Mr. Drive, you may want to rething your liberal policy of allowing people to post anonymously. 

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