I'm back on AIM

If anyone wants to yell at me in private

einsteinsbooger is the name

No, I couldn't get Pidgin to work

And yes, I'm stupid


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As an old on-lind bud of ours would say...

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It's about #@##$! time, you @#*$%!

Someone is very adept at

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Someone is very adept at IMing me when I'm freaking not at home!

Every single time!

I swear, it's like there's video cameras around to make sure I'm not here.

Well, you might try this:

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Turning off your chat client when you get up from your computer.  Or doing an away response. 

But it's nice to know at least one of us here has a life. 

I tried that. The problem

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I tried that. The problem is, I have the memory of 40 year old sushi, and as of yet, the mold has yet to evole a brain for me to use.

Which is to say, I can never remember to set the away mode back to available.

Anyone wishing to say "Howdy", I'm coastermanwhooee on AIM

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Come on, now.  Don't be shy.

The thing I like about pidgen...

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is that it automatically minimized itself the second I turned it on.  It also had all the, would you like to recieve free E-Mails blah, blah, blah... set to "no" It was purposely non-dominant, which was a feature I was impressed with.  That being said, my shit is almost never turned on but it's nothing personal.

The thing I like about Pidgin

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It comes without baggage.  When you install AIM, you get a buttload of crap, er, I mean "features" you never asked for including, I suspect, a room full of spyware/adware.  Pidgin, formerly Gaim, is a clean install.  MonkeyKing recommended it, and he's a pro. 

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