I'm at a loss

for something to watch tonight. Should it be the Cellblock 6: Female Lockup festival (otherwise known as Fat Chicks With Bad Tattoos In Prison)? Or Sister Wives, all about some dumbass who was stupid enough to marry three women who are, remarkably, sisters? Or, Hoarding: Buried Alive by a lazy housekeeper?

I'm having some difficulty making up my mind.


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Go to a late late show of "The Town"

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Ben Affleck does not disappoint in this one. I will now boldly predict that this will be Affleck's second shot at the Oscars.  

I saw Townies last week.

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I had been imagining Ben's shortcomings until I actually sat through the entire movie. I quite enjoyed it. Here's hoping he directs many more.

If you have Showtime you could watch Dexter

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9:00 pm est

I'm more of a Weeds kinda guy.

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Mary-Louise Parker/Nancy is hotness.

That, and Rubicon/Mad Men.


I've been watching the first WEEDS season on DVD

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Really funny, especially Elizabeth Perkins' Celia.  But I wish the theme music had been Pete Seeger's cover of "Little Boxes" instead of Malvina Reynolds'. (What an annoying voice!)

"I brought shame unto my parents." "That happens sometimes."


Just saw the third season

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I knew the show had jumped the shark when they showed Andy frying eggs in his tighty-whities.


She likes snakes

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That's disgusting.

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Suck me blue and call me ice man, but I would never stoop so low as to post such a demeaning image of a woman. I'm shocked.

Damn but she's a hottie!

Hmm, maybe she would like my python

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It's the same size as that one

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