Inside Man

Saw it last night.

Spike Lee's masterpiece.  I cannot believe this wasn't up for an award- not that my praise isn't the ultimate reward.  Perfectly paced, tastily shot, killer sound (I listened on headphones), great dialogue (for the most part), and Denzel actually played a part where he didn't seem to be ACTING ("king Kong ain't got SHIT on me makin' first detective" <is shot 3,500 times>).  First time in a long while for him.  The only clunkers for me were: Jodie Foster.  The character was great (as were her legs), and she did manage (ala Denzel) not to seem like The Jodie Foster, but her way into the character seemed incongruous with her (the character's) nature.  Also, the deneumont sorta wandered, but it pulled together nicely in the final frames...which, as the man Mamet say, is what gets a moviemaker a house in Bel Aire.   

Haven't seen it? Yes, have some!


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Its a cool entertaining movie

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It doesn't feel like an Spike lee film, hell i like him, but this one is different and fun. It seems like everyone was having a good time making this movie. Spike should try to make more commercial stuff, maybe one film like this for every 3 of his regular films.

Good caper flick. 

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Good caper flick.  Christpher Plummer was also.

The only bad part was the excessive profanity.  It was distracting.


Yep, i enjoyed

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Yep, i enjoyed "The Inside Man" a ton.  Actually saw it twice in the theatre, once with my wife and once with my mom (in a second-run theatre in Detroit.  You haven't experienced a Denzel movie UNTIL.....)

Clive Owen is the man.


The cockpit.. what is it?

I, too, enjoyed it.

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It's a fun caper flick, though not the genre's best (not sure what is).

Once the big twist was revealed, it still rambled a bit towards the very end, with almost as many false endings as LOTR:ROTK. 

Inside Man is by no means my favorite Spike Lee joint (that would be Do the Right Thing, followed by Malcolm X), but still, I'm happy that this one made solid bank - it should keep Spike making movies for awhile....



It seems we have the same taste in lee movies

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I believe Do the right thing is the best movie of the 80's, right behind those 2, i would say its Clockers, He Got Game, The 25th hour and Jungle Fever.


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Inside man before Jungle Fever.


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That was the one where Wesley Snipes confided in his friend Spike Lee that he was cheating on his wife, and the plot required Lee to carelessly tell his own wife, so that the latter could tell Snipes' wife. Very, very cheesy.

At least it has a fine early performance by Samuel L. Jackson and a great opening-credit montage (the credits were on street signs) to a Stevie Wonder theme song.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.


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How boring, but I agree with Drew (Omigod!) Inside Man is a crackerjack thriller, with charismatic actors (Denzel, Clive, Jodie) in a tight, rube-goldberg plot, just complicated enough for the audience to suspend its disbelief.  Thoroughly enjoyable.


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The thing about it was that all of trademark shots and banter were in there, they just blended in perfectly with the story.  It'd be easy to say it was just another entertaining movie (which it was), but that to me is the one thing a movie HAS to be to work. And to have a guy who spent the majority of his career making overt (both in subject and execution) movies that you either loved or hated come up with something every bit as solid (in my mind) as All the President's Men while making big money is something cool. 

And the music was perfect, too.  It's easy to throw a good song at a movie, it's another thing altogether to find music that enhances one.

Anyhow, the Coens did the same thing with No Country for (End Credits).  Their style was all right there, but it sunk in like woodstain.

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