Iron Man 2: not as rocking as Iron Man 1, but mostly enjoyable.

The Pros:

Robert Downey Jr.

Sam Rockwell (probably the best of everyone involved).

Mickey Rourke (he vants his bort).

Scarlett Johannnnnson (looking super fine).

Garry Shandling (what's he doing in this?!).

Chaos at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Lots of one liners.

Cool - but confusing - post-credits scene.

Strong ending.


The Cons:

Second half very slow.

Not enough action.

What was that last shot of the post-credits scene?

The deliberate poor communication between Stark and Pepper Potts is overdone and tiring.

Why did Don Cheadle replace Terrence Howard?


Overall verdict: B-.



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That last shot of the

Drew_Atreides's picture

That last shot of the post-credit sequence was of MJOLNIR! AKA the Hammer of Thor...

Reportedly the next film to be produced.  


And i think Don Cheadle replaced Howard because Howard wanted more money. Reportedly the whole cast wanted more money (save Downey, who was ponied up), but i've read articles with Howard  where he claimed he was the only one who was willing to hold out, and so the producers dumped him.


I thought Johansson was a complete waste, but liked Rockwell.  


The final battle with Rourke was over way too quick.


Otherwise, it was decent entertainment.




The cockpit.. what is it?

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