It's a left wing conspiracy!

hee hee hee!

what maroons!


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Tee Hee, the GOP cowards are trapped!

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Obama says the drug addled gas bag is the head of the GOP.  The administration then points out that Limbaugh has called on Obama to fail.  If any slimy prominent Republican says anything different Limbaugh slaps him down on his radio show.

Proving that the hillbilly-Heroin-college-drop-out really is the head of the GOP.

{;-) Dan (loving this) in Miami

Letting them dig their own hole

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Limbaugh is popular with 11% of young Americans

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Only 11% of Americans under the age of 40 approve of Rush Limbaugh.  The Republican party is dying and the bloated gas bag is leading the way!

{;-) Dan in Miami 

Left-wing organ transplant

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Actually Politico specifically documented the left-wing conspiracy to make Rush the GOP bogeyman based on polling numbers.  It came from the White House, no less:

Now every left-wing organ is playing along with the "Rush is the GOP #1" meme.  He's like Willie Horton.

Are you a left-wing organ, too?  How do you get on Rahm's mailing list?

I'm the Left Wing's most important organ!

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Rush gets my Golden Shower Award!


I used to be a Republican

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I even went to the local Republican Party meetings in Cincinnati when I lived there.  After some time it began to dawn on me that the Republicans had no intention of cutting the size of government.  They just wanted to redirect government spending from Dem priorities to GOP priorities like the Pentagon and their corporate cronies.

At that point I dropped out of the GOP and joined the Libertarian Party.

After that I endured 8 horrible years of the Bush regime.  Now I positively hate the fascist criminal organization known as the Republican Party.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Question is, why are so many Republicans embracing Rush?

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I don't buy the conspiracy stuff (from everything I've heard, Obama's been talking about the issues pretty extensively), but even if that were true, why on earth would the GOP in general embrace Rush to the point where he's their de facto leader?  He's extremely polarizing (even amoung conservatives), he's explicitly said he wants Obama to fail (which is not the same thing liberals said about Bush), and he's said a fair amount of explicity racist, sexist, homophobic, and purely hateful things over the years. 

I can see why parts of "the base" would like him (he's the kind of guy who says things out loud that other people think but aren't as willing to say out loud), but you'd think the Republicans would take their November defeat as a chance to try and embrace their core values while going to the center (aka trying to meet Obama halfway in the same way he's been trying to meet them).  Embracing Rush just pulls them further to the extreme far-right and makes them look ridiculous to moderates and independents.  Basically, this would be like the Democrats turning someone like Michael Moore into their de facto leader and forcing anyone who disagrees with him to apologize and say how great he is (I actually like Moore and agree with him more often then not, but he's not infallable...)

"To the center"?

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Republicans don't DO meeting Democrats halfway!

There are 20 million dildoheads out there

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Michael Steele didn't want to alienate the party's base. No doubt, these 20 million Rush listeners could have effected his removal should Rush have hinted that be done. This is where this ridiculous conspiracy theory breaks down: Did the Democrats orchestrate Michael Steele's criticism of Rush and than facilitate Steele's pathetic kowtowing apology? The Republicans are doing this to themselves, and the Democrats are using the occasional comment from close to the bully pulpit to exploit what is indeed a sorry truth about today's Republican party.

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