It's official. This Site Now Sucks The Big One award has been won.

Shut it down. Close it. Scrub the hard drives. Delete the backups.

Fuck it and the tubes it rides in on.


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What the fuck is the point of this site

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if you can't even make a post with some italics and a link? fucking useless piece of shit.

Speaking of Sucking The Big One, or in this case, the Old One...

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Make your hotel reservations! Pack your suitcases! Throw away the nail clippers! Get ready to pay the seatbelt/fuel/luggage/carry-on/window-seat fees and surcharges!

You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry
You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why
She's coming to town and you'd better buy!

jesus christ, I had to change my name three

a_dingo_ate_my_baby's picture

fucking times before I could post in this fucking place. Close it. Shut it down. Let it be only a somewhat fond memory.

For fuck's sake, nobody gives a shit any more. Can it by any more obvious than that?

What's the point?

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I keep coming here in the hope that somehow someday some of the remaining regulars will finally learn how to use the reply button.

Easy for you to ask. I'm anxiously awaiting

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my tickets to arrive so that I can see the Celine.

What's a reply button? Is it french, like buffet?

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Coaster has a reply button fetish

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Hey, let's make this into an atheist only site then Coaster will come more often and we can post blasphemey and all that heretic stuff !

Rajah, you lilly livered pansy!

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You're going to hell for sure!

I'd slap you if I had hands!

If Kansas can do it, this site can do it!

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Kansas can!

But if Kansas can't, it's probably because of that stupid-looking water tower in the background of the photo. I mean, really, what town in its right mind constructs a water tower to look like that? Obviously they're socialist or communist or Canadian, or worse.

I propose that Mr. Cranky mirror the efforts of Kansas to lure people to this godless internet site:

  • a five-year exemption from taxes
  • help newcomers repay student loans
  • give free building lots or tax breaks to newbies
  • recruit an aspiring doctor by providing a monthly stipend
  • post a small sign: "Help Keep Our Post Office - Buy Stamps." 

Git'er done!



Speaking of Kansas

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I just saw THE WIZARD OF OZ again (on a big screen!). Anyway, I noticed that in the scene where Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, she's just come to a fork in the Yellow Brick Road and is wondering which path to take.  Then, at the end of the scene the two of them dance off together on the rightward path but THEY DON'T EXPLAIN WHY THEY CHOSE THAT PATH!


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