I've grown to hate Steve Martin

Why don't you piss on Peter Sellers's grave while you're at it!



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Steve Martin will never live down the cat juggling thing

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Americans can accept midget tossing just fine.  Flinging felines will never be socially acceptable.

{;-) Dan in Miami


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Sorry, I didn't care for the first Steve Martin remake, fine.  When I heard there was to be a second, I held out a glimmer of optimism that Hollywood wouldn't botch the chance to at least hold with the Peter Sellers set and come up with a semi-original name.  Stupid me.  After Sellers got the Return of the Pink Panther, the Pink Panther Strikes Again and Revenge of the Pink Panther, Martin gets Pink Panther 2.  Pink Panther 2?  Wow, which creative guru spent sleepless nights to come up with that gem?  That's equivilent to giving Daniel Craig a release title of James Bond 21 (while taking that piss on Peter Sellers grave).  And then the other night I heard a rumor on one of the news channels that Hollywood is going to lobby the Obama administration for funds to help offset the economic downturn because they employ so many both directly and indirectly.  Yep, that would be right where I'd want my tax dollars to go, the land of unparalleled brillance and inventive ideas, Hollywood. 

On the other hand, it makes a Detroit bailout seem much more tolerable in comparision.

Grasping at straws

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How much name rec can they possibly grab?

I've never cared much for Steve Martin

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He comes from that Saturday Night Live School which confuses mugging with acting.

I have a high regard for Peter Sellers. And I have only seen clips of Martin attempting to do Couseau, but they look awful.

I like his early stuff

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But now he lacks originality

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