Jim Cramer was a guest on The Daily Show

This was a bit hard to watch. It amazes me how some people continue to underestimate Jon Stewart. They think he's going to be some light weight comedy guy and then they get their ass handed to them.



^^^watch quick before it's deleted


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Or you can just watch it on

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Or you can just watch it on hulu.com in better quality, where it will never be deleted.

you stole my line!

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I watch Hulu every day

anyways, I think Cramer came off looking pretty weak. I think stewart thrashed him


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Stewart stooped to Cramer's level.

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He should've let the dude flounder in his own lunacy instead of giving him the publicicty.

Get Bernanke, Paulson, or the king of all scumbags- Greenspan- on and THEN start thrashing.


See the whole unedited version here. (An extra 10 minutes)

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Click This to see the entire interview as it was recorded. 

Overall, this was generally good television.  One objection I did have was when Stewart stated, "I don't have to be fair."   That's some Limbaugh shit, and I think Stewart should leave that kind of attitude to him. 

Cramer did look a bit shaken

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I think he was expecting something else

Play Crashteroids, and blow up Jon Stewart!

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You lost your job and your 401K has the market value of a can of Spam.  Who's to blame?  Blame the media!  It's the favorite sport of Republicans and fake news show hosts!




{;-) Dan (yes I'm being satirical) in Miami


Jon Stewart is full of beans

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His blame the media theory has more holes than a Swiss cheese in a mouse house.

If the CEOs knew their companies were engaged in financial trickery then why didn't they sell their stock in the companies they worked for?  They didn't.  They lost huge amounts of money when their companies went belly up.

Check out this Richard Cohen column for the details.



{;-) Dan in Miami

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