Jimmy Carter protests religion's treatment of women



I don't care what anybody else thinks of Jimmy Carter.  I still admire him.


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Does he still lust after them in his heart?

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Yes, he's a good man. His work with foreign policy and the Habitat for Humanity people make him our best ex-president

Carter's foreign policy position is laughable.

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He should stick to peanuts and houses, the muslim-hugging palestinian apologist failure. Since the Camp David Accords, he hasn't been able to bring the opposite poles of two magnets together. And his book on the palestinians was just plain wrong!

Carter has more balls than any other current/ex-politico.

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If he was as effective IN OFFICE as he has been OUT OF OFFICE, he'd prolly be revered instead of vilified. 


Hey, HS

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Where are you posting from?

Hi Mal!

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I'm back home in El Lay...for a little while at least.



Carter Has More Balls

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This post must be quite old. Since then he has had a lobotomy, been castrated, and then become what is odds on the worst president in American history. Take this chance to update his resume.


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