Joe Lieberman socks

You can probably figure out who's hand is up Joe's ass.

{;-) Dan in Miami


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I thought of a great video game : Punch Lieberman in the Face

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no scores just the satisfaction of punching the ******fucker in the face

You meant to spell "socks" with a "U," right?

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10 reasons NOT to hate Joe Lieberman

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10) Because he might follow Senator Chris Dodd's lead, and not run for re-election

9) Everyone hates him--try being unique

8) Because if you didn't hate him, he wouldn't be on Sunday talk shows every single week

7) Those adorable jowls

6) He is loyal to his constituents (who work in Aetna's corporate headquarters)

5) Because he supports universal health care (Okay, in Israel, but still...)

4) His Deputy Dog voice is just so darn cute.

3) Does a fantastic oompa loompa dance in his underpants.

2) Joe thinks everyone should be allowed to fillibuster on something.

1) Can't think of another reason.  {;-( Dan in Miami

You thought senators had all the fun

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My incomparable governor has decided that while he can't fund schools or anything else for that matter in my current state, he can sue the federal government should a health bill pass.  BRILLIANT!! 

Impeach Jim Gibbons!


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