John Cleese on Sarah Palin, via TYT

She's making a mockery of this election

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Anyone falling for her act is a fool

Sarah Palin's appeal is that she's one of us

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But, have you seen us??!!  Lord have mercy, we need to do waaaaaay better than that if we're going to pull our once proud country out of the crapper.

She's one of you? So then,

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you're all a bunch of Alaska hilbillies, who got run out of Alabama because you're too hillbilly for Alabama?

You're obviously not a true American since you mock the 25 to 30 percent of the Repubaboobie hardliners who think pigtail lipstick and a phoney accent will march them all down the road to a brave new world of apocalypse and redemption.

Speaking of crapper...

In Alaska, for eight months of the year, residents shit into holes in the frozen ground. When the hole gets full, they take a stick and push the mound over so they can shit into the same frozen hole for another four months.

Now that's politics.

And speaking of Alaska hilbilly, is

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Captain Bartlett's still around, or has it been burned to the ground by now? It used to be such a grand old place.

I question your patriotism, "sir"

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Those disloyal to the U.S.S. of A. will be found out and punished!

I don't care if you are Canadian!

It ain't like Canada's a real country anyway

You're right. Canada isn't like a real country.

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Canada has free health care for everyone, and prescription drugs are really really cheap - free even, if you have the right supplemental health plan.



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