John Hughes is dead firsties!

So much for "Sixteen Candles II: 32 Candles."



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You got it all wrong

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These days it would have been a prequel, like 15 candles.

Or maybe 14 candles.

Or maybe 13 candles.

Or maybe 12 candles.

Or maybe 11 candles.

Or maybe 10 candles.

Or maybe 9 candles.

Or maybe 8 candles.

Or maybe 7 candles.

Or maybe 6 candles.

Or maybe 5 candles.

Or maybe 4 candles.

Or maybe 3 candles.

Or maybe 2 candles.

Or maybe 1 candle, but they could just call that candle.


...what...what were talking about again?

The opening scene of 16 CANDLES ended with this punch line

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"They fuckin' forgot my birthday!"


He had a story credit on last year's DRILLBIT TAYLOR

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Instead of using his regular name, he used the name Edmond Dantes. (As in the Count of Monte Cristo's alter ego.)


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