Jon Stewart rally estimated at 215,000

Colosal Waste of Everyone's Time

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All those bored college students. All those geriatric musicians. Ozzie? Tony Bennett? 3 days before the election those brain numb liberals should have been rounding up all the usual democratic voters like homeless felons & bribing them with cigarettes. John Stewart who thinks he is Martin Luther King was 100% babble

Naw. Just a lot of mellow moderates.

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People were so polite at this Rally, you'd have thought they were Canadians.

Here is one Rally to Restor Sanity Sign, Side 1:.

Beck Dope

Here's the same Rally to restor Sanity Sign, Side B:

Tea Party

The Rally rocked the National mall.    This was not just a gathering of bored college students.  The age of the participants ran from young to old, and they came from all over the country.  Stewart and colbert put on a hell of a show.  If you had been there for the 3-hour gathering, Perhaps you would have better appreciated what Stewart was trying to do. And perhaps you would have seen the above sign, and me standing underneath it.


Inquiring minds need evidence

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in order to forward said evidence to the authorities.

True I suppose...

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...but in that case it's in the eye of the beholder.  We know Repubs hate Obama and socialism, but we don't know what they plan on doing about solving the problem.  How about that Wall Street bailout folks, that makes repubs just as bad as dems in the socialistic aspect.

But what exactly will Saah Palin do if elected.  Who will she appoint to minister our broken finances?  Does anyone know?  What is the republican solution to the economic situation except to disagree with what the dems are doing?

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