Just in case roo or Bunyip check in

 I don't have their e-mails any more, so hope they're OK. Who knows? Old habits may drive them here - 


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I heard about that ice fishing disaster

FearlessFreep's picture

Was that near your city?


Not much of a disaster

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Mostly a bunch of fisherbubbas who didn't listen to the weather forecast. The one guy who died fell into about three feet of water and suffered a heart attack. You'd think that given the scores of rescuers who had to risk their own lives getting the doofus brigade off the ice, the latter would at least have handed over their buckets of walleye as a thank-you. But yeah, that's all very close to T-town, just about 30 minutes east of here. 

30 Minuets East of T-Town?

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I can assure you that there that Lake Hudson, 30 miles east of Tulsa, has never had either an ice floe large enough to support even one fisherman or walleye in its waters. 

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