Just had the first actual barbecue of the season

Got a hold of some wild boar and cooked it up with some skirt steak and a london broil.

I highly recommend the wild boar, highly.  It's like the juiciest pork you've ever had.  It has enough fat on the outside to keep it moist.  But woah, what a fire on the grill caused by the fat, man!

finally the winter is over, comming out of the dark.


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Rush was at your barbecue?

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Now that's a meating!

What do you mean "got a hold of some wild boar"?

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Did you track it down and kill it, or buy it pre-packaged at Whole Foods or something?

Just curious 'cause I've never had it and I don't think I've ever seen it anywhere...

Got a hold, as in it's not really available in most stores...

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...but if you ask your local butcher to get it he might be able to.  If you're interested I'll give you the name of the supply company the butcher uses. 

Aren't you vegetarian?  For some reason I thought you were?



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...I don't really have a "local butcher."  I've searched for some in the area -- I was able to track down one in a nearby city, although I haven't visited him yet.  I would love to be able to find locally-produced meat (i.e. not raised in factory farms), but our area unfortunately doesn't have a whole lot of stuff like that.

I have been a vegetarian (and even a vegan) at various points in my life.  I also love food -- ALL kinds of food -- and haven't been able to keep it up for any great length of time.  It's not so much that I think it's wrong to eat animals; rather, I think it's wrong to keep them in the conditions that we do (in factory farms).  Sooner or later humanity will learn.  Now it is coming back to bite us in the ass, which is why we have so many food-related illnesses.

Out of curiosity, what is the name of the supply company?


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they have a pretty informative website and catalog.  Check it out.  I don't incourage those who don't eat meat to start eating it.

Do they get their boars from Gaul?

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I loved those French comics where Asterix and Obelix were always eating wild boars. (They're called "sangliers" in that language.)


Wild Boers?

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No sorry, I don't go for cannibalism

Hey, thanks!

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Pretty cool site.

Duck fat?  Truffle butter?  Now I'm hungry.

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