Just How Bad Is the Swine Flu?

A friend sent this text message from Mexio City:

"I am legend."


      --CL Atheist Forum, April 30, 2009


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Could it be like Captain Tripps?

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The rats are in the cornfield

I hope so. I've been

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I hope so. I've been anticipating the ultimate battle between order and chaos.

Plus my alternate name is Randall Flagg...

Many Mexicans don't get flu shots so they die

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Getting flu shots all during your lifetime helps build up your immunity.  At least that's the theory.

There will probably never be another flu pandemic as bad as they had almost 100 years ago.  Except perhaps in the third world.

Maybe Bill Gates can take care of that problem with all his money.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Doesn't a flu shot...

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...only protect you from whatever strain you're being injected with?

Either way, this whole thing is media-driven lunacy.  35,000 people die every year from the flu AND it crosses international borders.  No pandemic mania there, though.

No flu virus is completely unique

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It's from Faux News so it must be true:

Dr. Gross: In the flu vaccine — for more than the past 30 years — we’ve had an H1N1 strain in the standard flu vaccine that everyone gets… at least since 1976 when we had the last swine flu scare. So the theory goes that if you’ve had a vaccine that has a N1 in it... when you encounter a slightly different H1 (which is what the swine flu is) that you will be protected from severe illness and death, but not from getting a cold or a bad cold from that flu strain.

The other thing is we haven’t seen reports of a lot of older people getting H1N1 influenza A… so they must certainly be immune. An educated guess here would be that these older people may not be coming down with this new strain because most of them – particularly if they got the standard vaccine — would have some degree of immunity.


{;-) Dan in Miami

Faux News......

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Gosh. That's so funny. I should switch to BSNBC. Their reporting is just so accurate.

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