Just kicking up the hornet's nest

Seeing who buzzes out. I remembered my old AIM password, and looking at these screen names has gotten me nostalgiac.


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Bully! Holy shit!

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What up, yo?


~There ain't no Devil, there's just God when He's drunk.~


Just chillin'

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If anyone wants to talk, my AIM is FrontalotSA.

What's an AIM?

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I'm a bit behind on tech matters.


It's what you do with the

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It's what you do with the gun before you shoot at the car with the load obnoxious music blaring.

A few of the other vets of this site have Facebook pages....

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...they are worth tracking down.

I've found Philm Phan's Facebook page

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I left a few comments about Patrick McGoohan on her wall.


American Indian Movement

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Well, all right, for some it is. For others,


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