Just saw "Reign Over Me" and I hated it! Did Mr. Cranky ever review this movie?

I just saw "Reign Over me" and I hated it!  The characters were totally unsympathetic. I thought using 9/11 as the background for the story was manipulative.  Adam Sandler ran the gamut of emotions from "A" to "A" and if I had been watching this movie by myself I would have turned the TV off!

The beautiful but crazy woman who was obviously going to be paired with Adam Sandler to provide a "happy ending" at the end of the movie came across as a "snake" constantly looking for an opportunity to attack her victim!  Did anybody see this movie?  What did you think of the dialogue and acting?  I thought it sucked!  The only thing I liked about it was the "eureka" moment when I recognized the actress who played Adam Sandler's mother-in-law .........she was the mother of Randy and Ralphie in a "Christmas Story"...  a movie that I loved.  I am still annoyed that I actually sat through this drivel just to be polite!







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Your fault. It had that hallmark of bad cinema:

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Adam Sandler.

I thought it was ok

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nothing special.

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