Just saw Requiem for a Dream, wtf awful awful awful awful...

I thought it might be good to remind myself how bad drugs are from time to time by watching a downward spiraling drug culture flick.  I'm not craving anything right now, but I like movies and figured I'd give myself a nice kick in the ribs, you know, just incase, couldn't hurt, right?

I think I picked the wrong movie.  Requiem for a Dream is a pointless and depressing pile of crap.  The movie starts out depressing, just barely peaks with a lifeless lie of a scene, and then continues on down into a muddle depressing and pointless landslide of crap.

The only character in the film I had empathy for in the end was the old mother who gets the least deserved deal out of everyone in the film.  You really don't get to feel much for the other characters because you don't have much respect for them to begin with.  The mother however becomes a victim of poor medical care and hospital treatment all because she wants to loose weight.  I'm not sure if the director was trying to compare her to the other characters and say that her would be food addiction was just as bad, because it wasn't.  She unintentionally got screwed.

Any directorial ingeniuity immediately takes a back seat to the raw depressing scenes that run throughout the film.  In the end, well basically from the beginning of the film we learn that drugs ar bad and by the end we're sick of watching and WILLSOMEBODYSAYSOMETHINGFUCKINGPOSITIVEMYHEADFUCKINGHURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I agree Herr Mundo

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Very difficult to watch & impossible to enjoy. As cinema it's a waste of time as a Public Service Announcement it might have some value showing it to Lindsay Lohan as part of her rehab. The director Aronofsky or whatever his name is - is vastly over rated.

Ah, at last!

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Something upon which both liberals and conservatives can agree.

Can't say that I agree with you, TMundo.

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Though it's been a few years since I've last seen R4aD, I have watched it several times and seem to recall that you root for the Jared Leto and Jennifer "Ass to ass" Connelly characters b/c they basically just want to open a small shop together, and simply need a quick way to score the cash.  As for the Shawn Wayans character, he gets high with Leto just to unwind; the film seems honest in its portrayal of the temporary escape that drugs provide.  The film also shows how it doesn't take much for casual drug use to spiral out of control; no doubt the characters, in their early stages of drug use, assumed they could kick the habit no problem. 

IMHO, Requiem for a Dream should be mandatory viewing in all high schools.



To respond HS

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The film is educational and has it's purpose, it is a warning about how even the most simple good intentions can spiral out of control.

As far as Jared and Jennifer (their characters) went, Jared never said much about opening a shop with Jen.  He talked with Shawn, or was it Marlon Waynes' character about getting good shit, so they could cut it and sell it, so that then they could afford that pure shit and be on easy street. In other words, they would get heroin that was strong enough so that when they mixed it with a neutral powder, it would still be strong enough to sell again, and this way they would make enough money to buy even better %100 pure shit.  While they made a lot of money, I'm not sure what their intentions were as far as what they would do with it aside from getting high.  Jen's character was some sort of industrial designer maybe?  And Jared supported her, but it became clear that that due to their heavy use of drugs, it wasn't going to happen, recall the shot of the two lying head to head with the papers scattered around, a beautiful shot, but symbolic in that how the drugs, and the two lying there high, caused a lack of organization.  I do agree with you, I did root for the characters and their little scheme, but I knew it was short lived, I guess I've seen enough of these types of movies to see it comming, and in this case, it wasn't a plan that looked all that promising to begin with.  Though I do agree that that part of the film was educational and should be shown to school kids.

The other, bigger gripe, I had with the film was the mother and her ordeal.  Aronofski shows her with hwer hand over a box of chocolate, coveting it like it's gold.  She also has a dream of being on TV, and feels that she must loose weight.  In trying to loose weight, she realizes that she can't.  Aronofski compares dieting to withdrawel.  The only problem I have with this is that eating chocolate doesn't necesarilly cause a person to spend all their money and ruin their relationships and lives like heroin can.  And while dieting can be healthy, eating isn't going to make you spiral out of control.  People that are overweight hold down jobs and have happy lives.  People hopelessly addicted to heroin, well, I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.  The other things about the mother's character that aronofski may also been trying to state was that as I said before, (a) even the most simple good intentions can spiral out of control, and (b) the callous ignorance of an uncaring medical system gone wrong.  The doctor that prescribed the amphetamines, was so uncaring to the needs of the mother, when she tried to tell him the adverse affects she was having as a result of the medications, he turned a cold sholder and ignored her needs, and kept prescribing them.  When she finnaly got admitted to the hospital, the doctors their didn't ask her about how she got into her predicament, and no caring emotion was shown.  First they force fed her, while the orderly who was doing so was having a conversation with another orderly, he wasn't even paying attention to the woman he was feeding.  Then they shove a tube down her throat through her nose, again, no emotion.  Then they get her to sign forms to have her committed.  Is aronofski warning us to not have faith in the medical system for our problems.  Maybe he is trying to say that addiction is something we must be aware of.  Don't just count on others to tell you you have a problem, not that they can't, but be aware of things yourself.  Because people fail.

The movie makes its points, I just found it uncaring to it's characters, and rightfully so, as a public service message, it needed to be that way.  As entertainment, it was cold and lacked empathy for it's victims, but drugs do that too.




Favorite drug culture films

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The Basketball Diaries -- True story, shattered dreams, has a happy ending though, many situations like that don't.

Ball in the House (aka Relative Evil) -- Wow! That was some fucked up shit.  staying sober is tough, but it's still a movie.  Also a positive ending.

Trainspotting -- I saw half of this, but it got to a point where I just couldn't watch anymore.  Not that is wasn't well done, but things started to go down hill from an extremely awful event, and I just couldn't watch any longer.

Gridlock'd -- I've seen bits and pieces of this, it has a very pulp fiction like entertaining dialog thing going on.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas -- While enjoyable and quite a wild ride, this film makes drug bingeing seem like a fun and comical idea.  The behavior is very easy to imitate for someone who is prone to doing drugs, and while the author makes comments to the meaninglessness of the drug culture of the sixty's, this ideal isn't hammered home enough, in the end, the viewer has a good laugh about the whole thing, albeit, a fucked up one, but none the less, this sort of behavior isn't funny.

Dazed and Confused -- As another crankizen posted, everyone knows someone in this film they went to high school with.  Their is no plot to this film, and nothing is learned in the end, it's just a good time.


You forgot "Up in Smoke"

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Cheech and Chong as excellent role models for today's youth

"we can't find any weed because everybody's smoking"

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I'm trying not to push the pro-drug thing too much.


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"You never fuck me, and I always have to drive."


I think that mandatory high school movie-viewing...

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...should consist of "Ceech & Chong's Up In Smoke", "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Deep Throat", "Anal Intruders XII" and "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure".




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