Keeping it clean on the road: Wax on, wax off


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Hmmm, I don't know which is more shocking

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that you can catch something from getting waxed or that Riding Fool reads Oprah magazine

human papillomavirus is the most contagious pseudo STD out there

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The reason I say pseudo or would be is because it's contagious from the belly down to the lower thighs, you don't need to actually have sex to catch it, I'm told.

HPV only shows symptoms in 1% of it carriers, which means, the other 99% could have it, pass it around and you'd or them would never know.  Your baby could get it when she's born out of her mother, again, I'm told.  Symptoms in the 1% show up as genital warts and it's incurable.

I saw this on a public access seminar a man and his wife were giving to a high school assembly.  Feel free to check the facts out, you never know, it might be bs.

Okay, some of my data was off, but most of it was on

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