In keeping with OLN's latest ode to beard-growing, I've formulated a network proposal

called Paint Party!

Professional and amateur painters will come together in a stylized paint-fest. The following checklist must be adhered to:

  1. Each team will determine the size of a wall in Imperial or Metric measure, taking care to ensure that the results are recorded appropriately and in the proper fashion.
  2. Each team will then venture forth to the paint store to purchase the amount of paint required to decorate the wall measured in Step 1, above.
  3. Each team will then proceed back to their chosen wall and apply paint in the amount and manner required to cover said wall.

Now this is the really exciting part!!!

The cameras will only begin rolling following the application of the appropriate amount of paint to each wall!

Picture this: watching paint dry, on live television. Or delayed for rebroadcast multiple times. Whatevs.

Now then, who wants in?

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Sounds more exciting than watching golf

Rajah's picture

 Speaking of beard growing, I can actually hear my beard grow. It's a creepy sound.

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