Khan is Dead!

Ricardo Montalban dead firsties!


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God (sorry, athiests and other malingerers) but I loved those 2!

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Ricardo y the incomparable Tattoo, of course.

Can anyone tell me if Harvy was ever a contestant in a dwarf-throwing bar?

I'll be the first to say it

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...what...what were talking about again?

He's given up Maxwell House

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His coffin will be lined with rich Corinthian leather!

(When did I start telling tasteless jokes?)

Patrick McGoohan is dead too

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 Phantasee should have something to say about that.

^^^Did one of those weather balloon/lava lamp creatures get him?

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Or was it some mad australian pretending to be a scotsman?

On a clear day...

Wulfgar's picture Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan see forever...


Oh, I admit, that was just terrible; don't take your wrath out on me, though. It'd be the Genesis of an explosion of posts that would torpedo this already nebulous thread.



It's really Six of One, a half-dozen of the other.



Be Seeing You...




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


da' plane! da' plane!

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Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

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