Kucinich carries on the fight for Single Payer Health Care

Rajah do you favor single payer health insurance?

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If so, why?

Frankly I am fed up with the insurance companies and the drug companies.  If you favor single payer should people also be able to buy private health insurance if they want to?  Should private hospitals and doctors not part of the government health care system be allowed?

Some Dem health care plans require people to buy health insurance.  But what if you can't afford it?

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If they're going to lower costs it's the only way

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The for profit healthcare industry works for no one but the insurance companies and the drug companies. If they pass this watered down bill it will accomplish nothing. Some say it might not even include the public option. They are letting congressmen and women add amendments to this bill they have no intention of voting into law. The single payer system seems to work for these other countries, why not us? An expansion of Medicare to include everybody might do the same thing. Yes, they may have to raise taxes to pay for it but if people aren't paying a private insurance company for healthcare then they could stand the tax increase. One thing I noticed from watching Michael Moore's "Sicko" was he never asked any of the people how much taxes they pay. If he did I must have missed it. The money has to come from somewhere.

 And another thing, I wish there was a serious discussion and debate in this country about this issue . All I hear from the other side is alot of crazy talk about death panels and sending old people, cripples and retards to suicide parlors.

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