Lady GaGa Interviewed On 60 Minutes

I must say I was impressed. She's smart, pretty, nice and an all round likable person. All that outrageous stuff is just performance art.


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I just learned she's only 24.

RidingFool's picture

She doesn't even shave yet.

You must be thinking of Canadian women

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I hear Canadian men love those hairy legs

Yeah, I agree Raj, she's not awful...

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...there's a song or two UI dig by her, but she's basically doing a pop-appropriated form of acid house, which has been around for over 20 years, it annoys me that people who overlooked it for so long and now all of a sudden decide it's good.  I guess that's nothing to be upset about, really, but to me it's like columbus discovering america when there were people already there, to Columbus and europe it's like WOW! but to the natives it's like yeah, so, it's land, it's good land but it's just land.

The raw meat appearance was funny.



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