Landover Baptist Church's compassionate response to the death of John Travolta's son

I'm very disappointed in LBC for having run this story

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This is simply neither appropriate nor funny.

It does step over the line

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These people have no shame

Matthew 18:9 : If your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out

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Aye, captain! = The Christian Onion?

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I think so. There are Christian nut jobs out there, and this site exists to make fun of all of them.

Check out the Reader Mail

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Some fools think the site is for real

Just like the Onion!

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Only not as funny.

Sacha Baron Cohen will be offensive again

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sorry, but what an asshole. I knew this film would strike cor in the gay community I wasn't ready for. But yes, let's depict christians as unloving gay bashing, non charitable assholes by filming peoples reactions to a gut that's pushing for a negative reaction.

As Borat pushed to fall ass backwards over every cultural barier, Bruno will no push to depict christians as hateful people by pushing their buttons with a gay guy, depict them as racists by dressing a black guy up as Jesus. And listen, I don't care if Jesus was black, but I'm sue Sacha will go to a racist area with his shtick.

Hey coaster, forget religulous, go for broke.

Look, I'm all for enlightenment through criticizm or satire, but you better show both sides of the story, the good and the bad.

Satire often crosses the line into bad taste

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And the motive isn't always to make people laugh or think. Some people get their jollies by making people angry at them. There are people out there who are too stupid to realize it's satire i.e. a joke i.e.e. not real. One has to only think of Andy Kaufman to see where these clowns are at with some of their parody/satire. But you can join in the fun when you know it's just a joke. Yeah, this one definitely crossed the line but so would alot of their stuff cross the line with some people.

Like I told Coaster in chat

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I'm not excusing what is written in Landover Baptist just trying to explain their possible motives. Some people just don't get people like Borat and Kaufman. Different strokes for different folks.

"What you talking about, Willis?"

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