Levi Johnson says he could spill huge things about Sarah Palin

But he won't. I see blackmail in his future or a "huge" book deal.



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As much as I dislike Palin, I loath this leech far worse

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Palin's family's dumping this bum is probably the one thing they've ever done that comes close to being something I admire. 

Oh Levi!  Your fifteen minutes are all gone. Now STFU!

Speaking of snatching defeet from de jaws of victory...

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or something:


I just have to ask: Is this a humor site, or is this true?

God how I love American politics, even if it is another Onion-type site.

I think the Daily Beast is a legit blog site

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that's some scary shit

four years of her would have been a nightmare

Even I would pay good money

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to witness this spectacle,


but only because I think BushCo. would come out sucking his thumb.

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