"Mail Goggles" might prevent morning-after email regrets.


Now, if only they can come up with "Enraged Goggles".

Oh, I'm not sure if anyone cares, but I updated my Vancouver Island blog.


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Interesting innovation, with one oversight...

TMundo's picture

...I usually feel that alcoholic intoxication allows the emotions to run unrestrained, there's a lack of anxiety and so on.  However, I don't get emotional during math, I'd suppose the same would be true if I was drunk.  So how's cruizing through a few math problems gonna help?

That's kind of a dumb idea.

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Given the number of people that struggle with math when they're not intoxicated!

maybe it's because the dumb drunk people...

Mal_Content's picture

can't hit the right buttons on their calculators.

Having never done math while intoxicated,

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I assume it's much harder to process the problems while drunk.  I can't imagine ever being drunk enough not to be able to figure out the answer to 2 x 5, though.  Maybe the next time Xur's posting drunk, we can test it out on him.


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Try using an abacus!

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