Marcy could wipe the floor with Sarah

Check out Toledo’s greatest export after the Mud Hens and Tony Packo hot dogs:


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You know, I really don't care for this new site design. Sorry, you very kind guy who created it with spit, clay and the breath of life - you did a bang-up job, but it's so time-consuming to navigate. But you can safely ignore me - I'm a short-timer. Just sharing this all over the place:


Splendide mendax!

Please let me know what's

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Please let me know what's hard to navigate?  What could be better?

You can subscribe to stuff to keep from having to navigate.

Well, since you asked...

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I know, you weren't talking to me, BUT could you puleeeeeze have your Web site stop automatically subscribing me to every thread I post in?  I don't need the additonal e-mails.  I mean, come on: It's all I can do now to keep up with the Viagra and penis enhancement mail I get now. 

I know at least one other has posted asking you to please default the subscriptions to "Do not subscribe" when we make new posts.  I echo that.



Marcy, you go girl!!

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I take back my earlier comment about this place being laborious. It just takes getting use to. The posting times help to tell when something is going on.

I do have a current beef though, while I can post in a thread I can't start a new one. Lately when I try I get "sevice unavailable"

I second coasters commenty, I'm gettin E-Mails up the yin yang..

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what's the deal there?

Go here

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Master subscription details page is vailable at

My account/Subscriptions/Overview/Settings

Go here

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Master subscription details page is vailable at

My account/Subscriptions/Overview/Settings

Good deal, thanks RF

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Phan!!! Two Things.....

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1.  Stick around.  This place, though with a new format, can be addicting, but in a good way.

 B.   This is the second Marcy Kaptur Video posted.  Did you see the one Michael3b posted yesterday?  It's a hoot.

Michael3b's post:

Actual Kaptur video:

Good to see you again. 


==Coaster (Whooooeeee!)

jazzdrive - Yeah, it's what

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jazzdrive - Yeah, it's what Rajah semi-said: it's laborious compared to the instant gratification of the old place, though maybe I too could get used to it. Too many steps to take - find the correct category, check active threads, scrollscrollscroll. I know, I know - the extra time required is balanced by all the new features. And I do love finally having italics! The avatars are fun, too - did everyone explain their somewhere?(Since they're pretty small, quite possibly no one can tell that mine is Leela in Talons of Weng Chiang.) And of course the enforced tidiness keeps the trolls at bay.... but it all looks more like the polite “wild birds in Ohio" site where I sometimes check, rather than the old piratical Cranky's I remember. 

But again, I was out of things at Cranky's for so long that what I'm remembering actually hadn't been the situation for many moons.

Coaster - yeah, Marcy's long been Congress’ best-kept secret. It's sad that she's been so little known outside NW Ohio precisely because she works for us little people (the wee folk, begorra) rather than for herself. It's an open-ended question as to whether Americans are truly interested in electing a president who operates that way, but if they were, they couldn't do much better than Marcy. 

And I'll try to check in here more often, but I can make no promises. Especially in these “cleave ye unto your job with bands of steel lest ye be cast out into a cardboard box under the I-80 bridge” days. 



Splendide mendax!

Something else you can look

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Something else you can look at.  Click on the My Account link a the top right, then click on the Track tab.  This lists everything you've commented on or created, and will let you know if anything new has been posted there.

It might help a bit.

Don't worry. I'm sure we'll start getting some more trolls eventually.  But now you guys can just vote them down instead of haveing to listen to them if they get too annoying.

I got tangled up with some wild birds in Ohio.

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CrankyCon habitatThey were of the species CrankyCon2006, and are noted for their attraction to the area surrounding the Mecca Motel. Here's a picture of their habitat.

Note the phallic symbolism as evidenced by the spire supporting the white and red sign pointing in the direction of, you guessed it, Mecca.

Not to be outdone, the female of the species represents herself by the shorter breast-shaped spire in the lower right of the photo.

I will not comment on the symbolism of the bush separating the two spires.

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